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Bricolage and Gambiarra

Open empty spaces: that's interesting for us in terms of political action. To break the deliberated action, with pre-determined and pre-conceived goals.

Interview with Stalker at the Ciclo Gambiarra

The importance of MetaReciclagem, bricolage, gambiarra: they are in the edges of inventing new devices for mediation and relationship building that will generate social transformations relevant to us, not simply fulfilling external demands such as generating profit or controling people who are governed. So what we're doing here is radical politics - create machines and tools in order to force the society, the relationships between ourselves and with the natural world - even though that separation does not make sense anymore - to transform this relationship we have into another - create new relationship spaces in which we can bring another subjectivity. Nicknames on the internet show that. Work more in this sense - generating new institutions through the machines. When you act with the explicit purpose of interfering on processes, standing against, resisting, you establish a pre-conceived functionality related to your action, you generate a lot of resistance (...). It would be really different if, out of nowhere, without a reason, appeared a routine that did some specific thing that started to be appropriated in different ways by a lot of different people, like the computer itself, a garage project that nobody knew well what it was meant for, and that started to generate the functionality itself, the logic itself, the peculiar social relationships. that is really clever. instead of acting to produce a result, acting in the sense of creating spaces where other agents take that space as proper to be used to produce the results they want. (chinese) wu-wei, to act empty, essential on martial arts, taoism, zen-buddhism. wiki and mailing list are not created for pre-defined content. they open empty spaces. that's interesting for us in terms of political action. to break the delliberated action, with pre-determined, pre-conceived goals.

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