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Political analysis on the social impact of technologies.

Piracy or Recycling of objects?

Can piracy be seen as a social phenomenon of natural recycling of objects and as a global phenomenon of redistribution of wellfare? This brief theoretical analysis focuses on how real situations can help poor people to make a living of their practices. As an utopistic horizon for this speculation we argue that software and hardware should be open. We ask to stop calling "digital piracy" spontaneous development practices.

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Popular music and society

Who are the pirates? The politics of piracy, poverty, and greed in a globalized music market

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The Right to Copy

A local study of copying as a carrier of creations

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Anarchism Triumphant

Prof. Eben Moglen of Columbia Law University explains why free software, far from being a marginal participant in the commercial software market, is the vital first step in the withering away of the intellectual property system.

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Where nothing is private, democracy becomes impossible

It is important to keep in mind that noone else than *you* can ensure the privacy of your personal data. Server hosted services and web integrated technologies gather all data into huge information pools that are made available to established economical and cultural regimes.

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Bricolage and Gambiarra

Open empty spaces: that's interesting for us in terms of political action. To break the deliberated action, with pre-determined and pre-conceived goals.

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Lessons we can learn from historic accounts of piracy

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Zero dollar laptop

The zero dollar laptop has already been distributed. (You weren’t told about it at the time of distribution.) The carbon footprint of the zero dollar laptop is zero. You, as an individual, may already own a zero dollar laptop. What’s it doing? Sitting on your shelf, unused, because you’ve already upgraded?

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