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Operating Systems

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Personal computers run applications on top of an operating system. GNU/Linux and BSD distributions are an example. This collection of links gathers operating systems optimized for best resource usage and minimized consumption. They work on most personal computers available worldwide and can be employed to recycle the hardware. A possible brico brico here can be: open up 2nd hand huts re-selling pre-installed computer stations...

A nomadic GNU/Linux live CD running on minimum Pentium1 with 64MB RAM, featuring multimedia creation tools and fully customizable
High performance desktop operating system, updated fork of AtheOS.
Puppy Linux
A complete up-to-date desktop suite in 28-70 MB
Very low on hardware requirements (386 with 12MB RAM) this OS is capable of browsing the web and doing email; particularly suitable for old laptops, runs from 2 floppy disks.
damn small linux
Versatile and small (50MB) desktop oriented system running also on 486DX computers with 16MB RAM
A GNU/Linux distribution on a single CD with a nice collection of desktop and server applications; needs a Pentium2 with 128MB RAM.
Standalone live CD for PC and Mac computers providing a media center set-top box system for simple playback of audio and video
GNU/Linux live CD for digital artists and performers, requires a fast computer (Pentium 3 or 4) and includes the latest exotic software as Supercollider, Icecast, Csound, Packet Forth, Fluxus and Pure Data ready with a full collection of extensions and abstractions as PDP, PiDiP, Gem, GridFlow, RRadical, PixelTango ...
Pardus GNU/Linux
KDE Desktop translated in Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, English, Spanish, German and Dutch. Requires a P2 and 128MB RAM to work good.

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