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Toolkits and documentation for DIY independent development on mobile devices, game consoles, recycled hardware and what not

HOWTO - Development toolkits for Nintendo DS devices
Hands on guide for development on the upcoming open source mobile phone
VoIP for NDS
A Free and Open Source software to make internet phone calls using a NintendoDS game console - in development, please support this project!
Gramophone cutter DIY
How to make a machine that can record sound on perspex, to produce discs that can be played on turntables.
Gijs's home
A resource for circuit bending and hacking of sound toys: Sega, Gameboy, Roland, Korg, Casio and even more devices hacked.
Graphite sequencer
Graphite conducts electricity: two wire brush against the surface of a disc as it spins, when a line of graphite is drawn across the disc, connecting the two wires, a tone is heard.

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